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Grooming at Stone Meadow


Mary is an experienced show dog groomer.
Regular grooming of any dog promotes healthy skin and coat.
and makes your dog feel great and look even better.

New Clients, please call for an estimated price.
We can not assess the actual grooming price until we have evaluated
your dogs coat and skin condition and his grooming needs.
de-fleaing, de-matting, special shampoos, heavy brushing and
aggressive dogs will incur additional charges.
We encourage our clients to be on a 6 week, 8 week or 12 week
Schedule depending on your dogs grooming needs.


 we have walk in hours every Saturday morning 9 to 12 (no appt needed).
We offer the following services at “walk in “ hours:

  • Nails: $5

  • Anal glands: $5

  • Teeth brushing: $10

  • Foot pad trimming: $5

  • Bath Only: $15


 This service is offered to boarding dogs and day care dogs.
A “Bath Only” is a shampoo and conditioner with a light towel dry or light airforce
(we do not completely table dry the dog or do any brush outs).


  • Under 25lbs: $15

  • Under 50lbs: $20

  • Over 50lbs: $25

Examples of estimated prices
  • Beagles/Pugs: $35

  • Lab/Visla/Weimerainer: $45

  • Aussies/Collie/Golden: $50

  • Toy Poodle/Schitzu/Cocker: $45

  • St Poodle/Bouvier/"Doodles": $65

  • Mastiff breeds: $50

  • Newf/St Bernard/Berner: $75




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