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Boarding at Stone Meadow

Stone Meadow Kennel is a full care boarding facility.
Our Drop Off and Pick Up hours:
7:30 to 9 AM and 4 to 5:30 PM daily


  • Bordatella, DHPP, Rabies Vaccines required and monthly flea treatment

  • Board Charges for overnight guests are charged by the DAY and half day charges apply

  • 50lbs and under: $18/day

  • Over 50lbs: $20/day


"Add Ons" (price per day): 
  • Exercise walk: $10

  • Leisure walk: $5

  • Play yard: $10
    (two 15 minute session in the play yard. Families of dogs may play together at no added charge)

  • Training sessions: $12 (basic obedience and manner, 15 min session)

  • Daycare: $15/day (includes a half hour play session)

"POSH PUPPY" Boarding and Daycare in my HOME

An interview with you and your dog is required.
Posh Puppy Guests must be family friendly, dog friendly and house trained.

  • Posh puppy guests stay in our home and participate in our daily family and dog activities.

  • Posh puppy board: $45/day ($20/day for each additional doggie family member)


Posh Puppy boarding and daycare drop off and pick up arranged on an individual basis 
 What to bring to Board
  • Please supply your own food and feeding instructions
    (we will supply a premium kibble and home cooked "extras" for an additional $2/day if you prefer)

  • medications etc are administered at no extra charge

  • Bedding and toys if you wish


* we are available to pick up your pet and drop him off at your home for an additional $5 per trip
(in the immediate area)
PLEASE NOTE:  We are closed for drop off and pick up on all major holidays.
If it is essential that you drop off or pick up your pet on a major holiday,
you may arrange this with us prior to your dog's stay with us.
There will be a $50 additional charge for DO/PU on Christmas day and Easter Sunday.
All other holiday DO/PU will incur a $25 additional charge.
*we are closed on all major holidays


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